Please use the following format to write all your film reviews.  Remember, you are required to view one new release film a month in the theater and review it.  Other reviews will be counted as extra credit.  Also, all reviews must be submitted to and must be accompanied by a ticket stub from the theater.

Your Name
Name of Film
Genre (use your judgment)

Introduce the film you saw. Be sure to include any background information about the film that may be interesting to the read.  Also, introduce the director and stars.  At the end of the introduction have a thesis stating your opinion of the film; was the film worth screening?  Be creative in your wording of the thesis.

Plot Synopsis
Provide a BRIEF plot summary of the film.  Is the plot original or cliché?  Is the plot predictable?  Please do not give away endings, but you still must show competent knowledge of the film.

What was the main theme of the movie?  Does the movie teach the viewer anything about life, love etc.?  Include what these themes are as well as how they are conveyed to the reader

Visual Elements
How was the film’s visual appearance?  Is there anything interesting about the camera work (angles, shots, etc.) or the set designs (costumes, locations) or the lighting (light/dark).

Conclude the review with your opinion of the film.  Be creative and try to persuade the reader to either see or not see the film based on your review.  Also, rate the film.  You can do this with thumbs up/down, a scale of 1-10 or any other of a million possibilities.