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"Mathematics is the science of patterns -numerical patterns, patterns of shape, patterns of motion, patterns of behavior, and so on.  Those patterns can be either real or imagined, visual or mental, static or dynamic, qualitative or quantitative, purely utilitarian or of little more than recreational interest.  They can arise from the world around us, from the depths of space and time, or from the inner workings of the human mind."

                                                                                        ~ Keith Devlin, Mathematics: The Science of Patterns, 2000

Courses for 2014-2015

Contact Information

Name: Arpi Lajinian     Dept: Mathematics       Bldg: Old Tappan        Email: lajinian@nvnet.org   Voicemail: 201-784-1600 ext. 24181

Extra Help: Tuesday - Thursday after school; other times by appointment.        Location: Room F214

Research Interests

Strategies that enhance students' visualization skills in the mathematics classroom
The relationship between spatial reasoning ability and mathematical aptitude in the school setting
The effectiveness of concept-driven and exploration-based instructional strategies

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